2018 GUEST Program
#GUEST 10: Antoine Donzeaud
09.09.18 – 04.11.18
Opening: Sunday 09.09.18 h: 19:00

Nowhere: the State of Unrealities
Pescara/Los Angeles

Antoine Donzeaud (b. 1985)
Lives and works in Paris, France.
As a multidisciplinary artist, his practice explores both social and physical structures in contemporary
society with regards to architecture and space, identity and community.
His work has been exhibited at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris ; Fondation Ricard, Paris ; Villa Arson, Nice ;
Nirox Foundation, Johannesburg ; Rupert, Vilnius ; Valentin, Paris ; Ashes/Ashes, Los Angeles ; Nicodim,
Bucharest ; MonChéri, Bruxelles.
He also participated in online projects such as BODY HOLES (Berlin Biennal, 2016) by NEW
SCENARIO and NO WHERE NOW HERE by ULTRASTUDIO (Castello di Rivoli, Turin, 2018).
He is the co-founder of the project space Exo Exo in Paris that presents shows and projects by
international artists and curators.
Jenna picked me up outside the domestic terminal in her little VW with the roof down and we took the
freeway with Abba blasting on the radio. I was supposed to get here the week before, but as I arrived
at the airport the person at the counter told me my card had been declined so unless I was able to pay
the full tickets in cash I wasn’t ying that day. I had to go back to the city and stay on a friend’s couch
until I booked another ticket for three days after. It is kind of a weird feeling to go to the airport but
return the same day without leaving. Your mind is set on the idea that you’re gonna go up in the air
and arrive a few hours later in a dierent city. The ride back to the very place you already left in your
mind feels like a daydream.
We arrived at the house a bit after noon. Alex had moved out since the last time I was here and Tanner
had taken her room, the pink room. The living room was lled with boxes of clothes and books and
other random things. In the corridor by the front door there were three things lined up like they were
on display, the back of a broken chair, a tiny ironing board – the one used for the sleeves of shirts – and
a little green television on a marble stand. The walls of the apartment were light blue and besides the
general mess the place hadn’t changed much. Just slightly more worn. Jenna and Tanner were leaving
campus and moving into a cute little two bedroom near the ocean. We drove there at the end of the
day. They gave me a tour and then sat down on an o-white sofa. I sat across from them and we
exchanged small talk before they made me understand I wasn’t gonna stay with them.
These past few days D’Angelo had been taking care of a friend’s dog. It looked like some kind of poodle
and chihuahua mix. He was carrying this big heavy pot of paint that he was gonna take to Emily’s new
place. She had just gotten the keys and wanted to paint every wall in a dierent color : bright red, sky
blue, yellow and turquoise. I oered to help, we all sat in her BMW and the dog sat on D’Angelo’s knees.
We parked in the lot in front of the building. It was the cruising spot of the neighborhood but it was
still pretty quiet this early in the evening. We started painting the rst wall. It was the turquoise one.
D’Angelo got bored so we decided to go to a bar. Emily was excited because she’d heard about this
place that does karaoke and they also ask you for a password at the door. We had a few drinks then
went to a club. When we got home we did some more painting and we got tired. We all laid down on
the king bed in Emily’s room. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
– Antoine Donzeaud, September 2018