BEING THERE DONE THAT Ricardo Passaporte 16 – 30 October 2016 ULTRASTUDIO Cap in conversation with Tony Silver / Style Wars Documentary / PBS television 18th of January 1984 From here up… nobody goes but me. It’s my lay-ups. Definitely. Cause this is a beautiful spot to do pieces on. Ain’t hardly no writers know about this place. My spot. Niggers know. Believe it. Niggers know. Heh-heh-heh. Yo. Here. Take the cans. l am not a graffiti artist. I’m a graffiti bomber. There’s two styles of graffiti that are trying to, you know, co-exist with each other. But it ain’t gonna work like that. Blood wars, buddy. Blood wars. People don’t know what l look like until now. Till they start going to the movies. They’re going to see my face. Big deal. Anybody tries to screw around with me and my friends, l go over everything they got forever. Everybody, from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Everybody. And that’s the way it is. Especially with me. The object is more. Not the biggest and the beautifullest, but more. It’s like a little piece on every car… is what counts. Not one whole car on every 30 cars that goes by. Once you start going over someone, you can’t stop. So, I’m gonna live.